Dorene Palmer

I have been a life-long seeker, but also a life-long lover: of sanctuary, of resonance, of expansion, presence and being. I have been steeping in fields of presence for many decades, and this is my calling and love. Like many of us, along the way, I have been challenged and confronted by patterns, traumas and issues, and have found ways to work with these in embodied, undefended and courageous ways.  I have a particular resonance with themes of unworthiness, inadequacy and self-expression. 

In my life I have found the Living Inquiries profoundly beneficial. The most valuable impact of the Inquires is really knowing and trusting in a deeply embodied way that presence itself includes everything: the pain, suffering, fear, pleasure and joy. When whatever arises is embraced in genuine presence, it is liberated and comes to rest. 

I welcome those who share my wish to be fully present – even curious – in meeting whatever is arising, and sensing the layers peel away. Be that: spiritual seeking or bypassing, relational or sexual issues including sexual identity, financial matters or deep-seated unworthiness.

The gift of Inquiry is here for you, feel free to contact me for a introductory chat or a session. All are welcome!

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