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“I would like to express my gratitude and love to Alec for the inquiry sessions he so kindly offered. Not only is Alec kind and compassionate, he has the skills and presence to be of real assistance. He helped me break through the stressful feelings, thoughts, and body sensations that I have been experiencing during this difficult time of home sheltering and isolation. He has a very generous heart and I’m so grateful to work with him.”
Monica Hoyt
New York, NY

Life is suffering.

Gautama Buddha, the First Noble Truth Tweet

What's Your Strategy?

Do you have crutches you lean on, compulsive activities or substances you use to dull the anxiety, the sadness, the rage?

In this way, we are all addicts, and the dominant narrative around addiction is that addicts need to stop, and that the addict is in control over whether they stop.

And if we broaden the definition of addiction to include not only drugs and alcohol, but all the ways we escape…

Food, technology, shopping, blaming, planning… the list goes on and on.

Do you have control over stopping any of that? If you did, wouldn’t you just stop?

We use our compulsions to get away from ourselves, from our difficult emotions, from our pain. Our substances and maladaptive behaviors are part of a strategy. Our strategies differ on the surface, but at their core, they are all the same:

“Ignore the problem.”

For some, that strategy may look like getting heroin. That’s the bulk of the strategy, to get high at any cost. Your strategy may be less obvious, but all the same, that strategy is laden with addictions: to being right, to working as much as possible, to anything other than being with yourself.

So really, our addictions and behaviors are solutions to the real problem, which is that we don’t know how to be with our difficult inner experiences. Unfortunately, these solutions are short-lived and, like most “magic pills,” have side effects.

Our inner experience calls for our attention, our compassion, our love. But we don’t know how to do that. We were never taught. Instead, we were taught to hide, to deny, to push away.

And that’s not our fault.

There's Another Way

The Kiloby Center for Recovery, started by spiritual teacher Scott Kiloby in 2014, is the first and only treatment center to focus on mindfulness in treating addiction. They have used nondual inquiry to resolve various types of addiction, including drugs, alcohol, and spiritual seeking, with
incredible success:


Clients Reporting Trauma Before Treament
Clients Reporting Trauma After Treatment

Anxiety Symptoms

Clients Reporting Anxiety Symptoms Before Treament
Clients Reporting Anxiety Symptoms After Treatment
Clients Reporting Anxiety Symptoms After Treatment


Clients Reporting Depression Before Treament
Clients Reporting Depression After Treament

*Vista Research Group survey results, January 2019

So, What is Nondual Inquiry?

Nondual inquiry is a mindfulness-based practice that allows thoughts and feelings to be exactly as they are, without trying to change them. This way, we relax our resistance to our experience, we start to accept what’s true for us, and life has a chance to unfold in a new way.

What you resist, persists.

As a certified facilitator of the Living Inquiries (LI) and Kiloby Inquiries (KI), which are the nondual inquiry methods the Kiloby Center has used to such great success, I have the tools to help you move with and through your most challenging experiences.

Maybe you’re experiencing difficulties, and you think inquiry might help, but checking into a treatment center wouldn’t make sense for you. In that case, why not book a free online session with me?

What is There to Lose? Except for:

And so much more…

"Alec is highly skilled at facilitating the inquiries. He has a keen intuitive sense of what needs to happen in a session and how to gently and safely guide you to your inner sanctum where your hurt resides. He remains your constant companion throughout, and has an open curiosity that leaves you feeling safe to explore and free yourself from your thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from living a fulfilling, empowered life. I highly recommend Alec!"
Julianne Eaniello
LI/KI Trainer & Facilitator
Torrington, CT, USA
"I was going through difficulties in my relationship. Getting a moment to sit with Alec made a big difference both in terms of how I felt and how authentically I was able to be with my partner. Having a moment to be with a facilitator who accepts you and all your emotions without a hint of judgment is precious. When you sit with Alec, this unconditional acceptance is palpable. This makes him a very good facilitator and I warmly recommend trying a session with him."
Juuso Voltti
Certified KI Facilitator
Vantaa, Finland

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